Managing a kindergarten on KIS does not require any additional server. The staff may enjoy the flexibility and simplicity in teaching and administrative activities.

eClass Parent App include the following choices of modules suitable for the needs of modern day parents:

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  • Instant messaging and eNotice are specially designed for parents to stay tuned to news and updates from the school
  • When applying for school leave, parents may directly submit document of proof over the App for quicker process

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Handle as many applications as you have got with the one-stop service of online applications, parent notices, interviews, management approvals, etc.

  • Online application for briefing sessions
  • Custom application documents, applicant notes, etc.
  • Parents can preview application process and start the online application anytime
  • Online payment for application fee
  • Safe and reliable cloud support
  • Notify parents the application result via email. School can check the email read status.

eAttendance simplifies the work of keeping clear records of student attendance and may be used in combination with eClass Parent App.

  • Take attendance with student card and view the records in real time
  • Easy attendance-taking via Teacher App
  • Instant notifications via eClass App to inform parents about their children's tardiness or absence
  • Convenient leave application via Parent App
  • Records reasons for lateness and absence

ePayment helps the school manage students' payments electronically, to avoid cash or cheque transactions and the relevant manpower costs. It is compatible with the eClass Parent App to let parents review all payment records.

  • Lower administrative costs on fee collection
  • Parents can sign off eNotices and pay at the same time
  • Parents can check transaction records via Parent App at anytime
  • Supports multiple payment gateways
  • View and check payment status and transaction history on eClass system

The school can centralise the management of the sales and inventory of goods through ePOS. It’s integrated with ePayment to reduce cash transactions and to implement an electronic sales network on campus.

  • Online purchase of goods via Parent app
  • Check the stock status, transaction time, quantity and price of sale items effortlessly
  • Can print receipts
  • Supports the production of transaction reports, easy to save

KIS PowerPortfolio captures the students' complete data in personal development and progressive assessment to prepare them for admission to primary schools.

  • Different design themes to suit different needs
  • Custom assessment theme, period and rubrics
  • Teachers and parents can understand students' learning progress through a complete overview of their learning records
  • Helps the school prepare phased assessment reports
  • Easy and fast report printing

PowerLesson for KIS - Online Learning Platform

  • Learning materials specially designed for kindergartens
  • Teachers can upload their own teaching materials
  • Easy upload of homework and view teachers' comments
  • Empower teachers and students to adapt to the new hybrid learning mode

eLibrary plus enables a centralised management of print and electronic reading resources. It supports a library’s day-to-day operation and allows the school to extend its library service to the Internet. Teachers, students and parents may manage their personal book collections and read them via tablets/desktop computers.

  • Provides statistics and reports for teachers to devise reading plans
  • Can open access rights for parents to follow their children's reading records and learning progress
  • Parents can share book reviews and parent-child reading experiences on the system

"eClass Interactive Readers"- An Immersive Reading Experience

  • Recommended titles for preschoolers
  • Beautiful and attractive graphics
  • Native read-along function
  • Interactive elements with engaging learning activities
  • Glossary for English learners

"eClass Interactive Readers"- An Immersive Reading Experience

  • Recommended titles for preschoolers
  • Beautiful and attractive graphics
  • Native read-along function
  • Interactive elements with engaging learning activities
  • Glossary for English learners

eInventory offers a systematic flow for the school to gather and manage all asset data, such as the sources of funds and ownership.

  • Centralised storage and management of teaching tools, toys, etc.
  • Bar-codes for stock taking and updating item status
  • Fast stock-taking via Teacher App
  • Easy to register inventory

eBooking - Online Booking

  • One-stop bookings of all spaces, facilities and equipment
  • Check the booking records anytime
  • Flexible configuration of booking criteria, rules and management groups
  • Easy booking via Teacher App

A well-designed and informative website is effective for presenting the school's concepts and information to parents. Our websites include:

  • Dynamic interfaces
  • Full compatibility with multimedia formats
  • News, Calendar etc can be synchronized with KIS system