eClass Concepts for Primary School
eClass provides primary schools with the most comprehensive eLearning solutions to help them raise administration efficiency and the students' learning outcomes. With basic computer skills, teachers can easily conduct online teaching through eClass Junior, an integrated platform specially designed for primary schools.

The system helps establishing an interactive teaching process and also enhance students’ motivation to learn. It reduces duplicated tasks for teachers and allows parents to participate more. As soon as a school installed eClass Junior, we deliver comprehensive training and support for the school's eLearning development.

Independent learning 

  • Online learning allows students to learn anytime, anywhere. Through making use of multimedia and interesting teaching material, teachers can encourage students to try various tasks aspects inside or outside the classroom in order to to enhance their motivation for studying and self-learning.


Efficient administration

  • Administrative work takes up a lot of manpower and time. Digitalising all data and information makes it easier and more convenient to search for information and organize or create reports.


Better parent-school communication 

  • Busy parents often find it hard to follow their children’s school lives. eClass IP provides a very helpful way for parents to stay in touch with the school without time or space constraints. They can hence understand their children better to provide appropriate assistance.


Versatile teaching & learning 

  • With eLearning platform, teachers can design school-based curriculum contents or adjust the content to cater to different learning needs. Through the assessment tools and data reports, they can obtain students’ learning data to observe students' performance and progress.


Integration of teaching and administration 

  • eClass Junior adopts centralised data management, which allows a user to access information in different identities and access rights on the same platform. It helps the school plan and allocate work.

eClass has partnered with renowned publishers to produce interactive teaching materials for teachers to enrich their curriculum as well as promoting individual learning.

The online course packages are of high quality suitable for primary education. Some of them are integrated with the eClass platform.

eClass EJ & Related Products

Following are products and services available for primary schools :