eClass' Email Filtering System provides the school with strong protection against email spams and virus. It updates on the virus definition every day and finishes email filtering before an email reaches your inbox. The system also renews the list of spam mails and virus regularly in order to protect the network and important information.

Anti-virus email protection
  • Auto-update of virus definition files (Trojans, worms and viruses),  detecting new viruses 24/7
  • All incoming mails scanned before reaching the e-mail inbox
  • Automatic removal of detected viruses
Mail spam filter
  • Auto-update of spam mail list
  • Incoming mails are first filtered in the server to block mail spam
  • Spammed mails are sent to a filtered file box for further processing
  • Network administrators can customise the black list and white list according to the school's preference
  • Network administrators can configure the level of filtering. The school can adjust the level of security when needed