Digital Archive accomplishes the revolutionary concept of centralising and digitising all school documents. Compatible with multiple platforms, the system makes document search and management much easier and enables paperless administration, which helps saving storage space and cost.

Centralised School Database
  • Central storage of various types of digital files, e.g. text, video, webpage and image
  • Retrieve files across laptops, tablet computers, smart phones and other devices
  • Permanent preservation of documents in digital format, e.g. alumni reports, receipts and photos
School-based Files Management
  • Classify documents according to school structure (e.g. position, subject)
  • Classify user access to enhance document security
  • Can save multiple versions of a document for follow-up 
User-friendly Interface and Search Function
  • Add tags to documents for easy searching
  • Search for documents using keywords, upload dates, document creators, etc 
  • Documents last opened/updated appear on the top for quick file retrieval