In case the school server malfunctions, our professional technical support will enable servers to recover in the shortest possible time while retaining all important data.

Simple Set-up
  • Just prepare an extra server as the secondary server*. Once it is connected to the Internet, eClass technical specialists can recover the system remotely.
  • On normal days, the two servers can work in the Master-Slave form, with one leading daily operations and the other as back-up.
Daily Data Synchronization
  • Every day, the disaster recovery system automatically replicates MySQL database from the main server to the backup server in real time
  • A synchronization report is generated by the system. The school can monitor the operation of disaster recovery service through the graphical interface on the main server.
  • Since the system is able to retain important data through the synchronous replication technology, the school does not need to search for back ups or run another data recovery.
Self-monitoring Mechanism
  • If a system stops running, it can be self-detected and the system will automatically send an e-mail alert to the administrator for immediate response and actions.
Recovery in Shortest Possible Time
  • When the main server fails, the school can switch all daily operations from the main server to the back-up server through a simple graphical interface. The process normally takes just a few minutes.

* Back-up servers are required to use Centos / Redhat operating systems