Document Routing helps the school establish a flow of file circulation, as to editing documents, soliciting comments, obtaining approval and tracking progress. It helps the school enhance administrative transparency, clarify division of labor and monitor the workflow.

Establish a Document Routing Process
  • Circulate a document within a group of people in sequence or all at once through bottom up / top-down routing
  • Sign documents or give feedback via the online reply slip
  • Give feedback in text or recording. Can add attachment 
  • Directly circulate attachments in iMail plus and the files in iFolder
Track and Monitor the Workflow
  • Track documents and their current workflow statuses
  • Add viewers to monitor the routing process
  • When new comments or document routing requests appear, the system sends an email notification to corresponding iMail plus users
Easy Storage and Search
  • Search documents by routing title or tag
  • Routed documents can be saved in Digital Archive