eAttendance records the attendance of students and teaching staff to help reduce the administrative workload. The system fully integrates with eClass SmartCard and supports direct import of data to WebSAMS, so that complex data-input procedures are no longer needed.

eAttendance for Students

Flexible Reporting Time Setting
  • Customise the reporting time to fit any timetable, by week or by cycle
  • Customise the reporting time on special dates and for detention classes
Student Attendance Overview
  • Teachers can view a real-time list of students who are late, absent or leaving early, and notify their parents at once. Parents can also check their children's attendance online
  • The system generates students attendance reports by month or day of each class, which also contain statistics on misuses of the smart card
Attendance Filing Management
  • Export attendance data as CSV file, which can then be easily imported to WebSAMS
  • Draw up report cards with attendance data through integrated module iPortfolio

eAttendance for Staff

Flexible Reporting Time Setting
  • Customise staff's time in and out on both regular and special working days, as well as day-offs and time out for work
  • Supports overtime work records, with automated hour count and off-set mechanism
Staff Attendance Reports
  • Provides daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports and overviews