eDiscipline is designed to help the school manage students' conduct data effectively. Through the system, teachers can better organize disciplinary matters by entering awards and penalties given to students under the school's criteria. The systematized data would help teachers follow up on particular students, produce reviews and statistical reports.
Automated Disciplinary System
  • Fast and accurate calculation and integration of term and annual conduct grades
  • Automatic warnings to students whose conduct points have dropped to marginal level
  • Integrated with SmartCard attendance system, eDiscipline records lateness count and automatically processes the subsequent penalties (such as a demerits for 5 times late)
  • Transfers award and penalty records to the report cards for printing, so to reduce effort in data input and facilitate the production of report cards
  • Integrates conduct grades with report cards through eReportCard system, which can be saved on iPortfolio at the same time
Customizable Conduct Rules
  • Customize the formula for calculating conduct points, rules for giving penalties and awards, merits and demerits, and means of approval
  • Teachers can offset awards and penalities given to a student through the system, with reference to their performance
Learn the School's Trend in Student Conduct
  • Understand the bigger picture of student conduct, as to the performance of all students, each grade, each class or each individual, through a systematized report and statistics
  • Grant teachers the permission to handle different disciplinary categories