eReportCard helps the school manage academic results and draw up report cards. It consists of multifold functions as to online scoring, final marks computation, score ranking, score reviewing, report card formatting, printing by class etc. Data can be linked to WebSAMS and iPortfolio.

Flexibility in Report Card Design
  • Show or hide particular student data, results summary, teacher's comments, award and penalty records, extra-curricular activities or other information
  • Display students' results in each subject in different format through customisation
  • Extract student data in conduct, attendance, awards, penalties and ECAs from iPortfolio, which is integrated with the eReportCard system, and use them to draw up report cards
Quick Score Input
  • Online score-input tools include CSV import, direct copies from Excel files and instant score computation
  • Accurate score computation, e.g. weighting, grand total, average, position and GPA, for organising students' results
  • The system offers "subject view" of students' scores, which is in line with the subject-based 334 education model
Score Auditing by Students and Parents
  • Students and parents can review the academic records on eReportCards and immediately submit appeals to teachers
  • Teachers can monitor the progress of score auditing to make sure every student has confirmed their scores before report cards are printed
Follow Scoring Progress at Hand
  • System administrators can monitor the initial scoring and score-reviewing progress
  • Export results as CSV file to WebSAMS for external submission