iMail is a campus e-mail specially designed for enhancing intra-school communication. With the built-in school contacts, mails can be sent in an instant by simply selecting the recipient or group.
Flexible Settings of Rules for E-mail Usage
  • Restrictions can be put on the group of recipients whom students can send email to.
  • The identity and storage capacity of users and groups can be set flexibly
  • Customizable settings on mailbox to sort and categorize emails
  • Junk mail in trash box can be deleted after specified number of days
  • Customizable keywords allows automatic filtering of all email for inappropriate content
Easy Management of Sending and Receiving E-mail
  • Built-in school contacts which also supports grouping of recipients
  • Statuses such as read, replied etc. are clearly marked on the mails
  • Quick search among all the message headers, content and recipients and also cross-mail box search
Bonus Features of iMail plus
  • Supports both Intranet and the Internet e-mails
  • Supports IMAP and receives e-mail through other suppliers, such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Combines with "eClass iMail Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam Filter Service" to block viruses and filter spam