PowerVoice is a practical, convenient and simple recording tool suitable for any subject in addition to online teaching. Teachers can use PowerVoice to record for online dictation, produce audio teaching materials or create other teaching activities. Students can use it to complete online assignments, listening practice, spelling exercise and reading assignments.

Application :

  • Teaching materials, class activities, learning assessments, extended teaching and learning, information release and after-class discussions
  • Self-learning enforcement
Online Recording
  • Record your voice online through the computer's mic and retrieve an audio file
  • Upload recorded audio onto eClass platform
Set Limits for Recording Time
  • Teachers can customise the maximum time of recording for students
  • For voice recording assignments, the audio length can be up to 1 hour
User-friendly Interface
  • No training is needed when using PowerVoice, which has well-designed interface
Universal Storage Format
  • Recordings will be saved as MP3 files, which is supported by most media players
  • Download the files to portable players to replay them anywhere