eClass Smart Card is designed for a campus environment. As an all-in-one card, students and teachers may carry it around to take attendance, make payments, use the library service and gain other kinds of access.

Product Features

Integration with attendance and payment system

eAttendance - Automated processing of students and staff attendance records

  • Data can be imported directly to WebSAMs

ePayment - Electronic processing of all fee collection

  • eClass Smart Card is a safe way to pay. It provides clear and detailed account records and students may no longer carry large amounts of cash to school
Extended applications

Door Access Control

  • The Smart Card is used to authenticate access rights to special rooms on campus

Printing System

  • The Smart Card keeps record of the students' printing quota and payment for photocopying
Card Sensors

We offer a variety of card sensors (e.g. kiosks and card readers) that would meet the logistical and administrative need of different schools

Smart Card printing services
  • The school can design their own card or choose from design templates. Library bar codes can be added on the card
  • Our Smart Cards are produced under strict quality control, which ensures high quality and durability alongside exquisite printing and long-lasting colours