With the rapid growth of smart device market, we aim to develop an App seamlessly integrated with the eClass Integrated Platform (for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School), particularly over functions like push notification, eNotice, eAttendance, ePayment, eHomework, school calendar and leave application. Parents can thus enjoy the free flow of school information, which would greatly benefit parent-teacher relationship.

Product Features

Synchronises with eAttendance and ePayment

  • Parents can view their children's attendance, payment records and other data (even at multiple schools) in one single account
  • No need to enter data repeatedly, as the eClass App's data are synchronized with eClass platform

Latest School Newsfeed

  • Receive instant messages, activity updates and eNotice sign-back alert
  • School administrators can schedule messages to be sent to individual or specific parent groups. They can check if messages have been read
  • Instant feed of school announcements, of which the interface supports external links (URL), images or other attachments

Instant Sign-off on School Notices

  • Parents can view eNotice by opening attachments or images and set passcodes to prevent forged signature
  • Teachers can view signed reports on eClass platform or Teacher App, and therefore send a reminder to parents who haven’t signed off eNotice on time
  • Parents can settle a payment (eg. lunchbox order) by simply signing off payment notices on the App, which is integrated with the ePayment system

Tracking Children's Homework Progress

  • View students' handbook items via external links (e.g. URL) or uploaded images. Attachments are available for homework details.
  • Push notifications to remind parents about their children's overdue homework

Leave Application

  • Apply for school leave by entering the reason and uploading relevant documents of proof via the App

View Synchronised School Calendar

  • Calendar events are integrated with the one on eClass Platform, and are classified into school holidays, public holidays, school activities, academic group events, etc. with different color tags

*Not applicable to Kindergarten Integrated System

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