Electronic administration systems are widely used among the schools, however teachers can only work on the computer for most preparatory and administrative tasks. This is why we have designed the eClass Teacher App, on which teachers can handle attendance record, internal communication, eNotice collection and receive campus news anywhere, anytime. Their usual work on the eClass platform can now be done at their fingertip.

Product Features

Synchronisation with eAttendance

  • Check student’s attendance record and update its status accordingly. View the attendance status of all students and classess in the school. Take roll call on outdoor lessons and events.
  • Records are synchronized between the eClass platform and eClass App, so teachers can check records, produce attendance reports and import the data into WebSAMS

Latest News and Information from the School

  • Receive instant school news, meeting alert, task arrangement notice and eCircular sign-back alert, etc
  • School administrators can schedule message delivery to individual or specific teacher groups. They can view the message seen status
  • School announcements* are synchronized with the eClass IP, to which external links (URL), images or attachments can be added.

Synchronizing with eNotice and School Calendar

  • Class teachers can view eNotice subission status and send reminder notification to parents who have overdue eNotice to sign
  • Teachers can review sign-off records at anytime
  • Calendar events, which are integrated with the school calendar on eClass IP, can be classified into school holidays, public holidays, school activities, academic group events, etc. by using different color tags

Email and eCircular* at a Glance

  • Teachers can send and receive school email via the app which is integrated with eClass IP. With the built-in school address book, teachers can simply click on an individual or a group's email address from the recipient list
  • Teachers can use the app to read and sign-back eCircular which helps centralise and retrieve school information

*Not applicable to Kindergarten Integrated System

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