eInventory is an asset management system enabling schools to manage various items in a systematic way and to make full use of existing resources. It facilitates the transition of the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) and the transfer of assets, including classification, record keeping, counting and checking.

Systematic Data Storage
  • Systematically store and manage all information of school’s furniture and equipment, including category, funding source, model and location and department responsible
  • Compatible with the barcode system to provide rapid identification
  • Detailed list of suppliers and price information for top-up purchase
  • Checking can be conducted in various modes, e.g. by category, location, department-in-charge etc, with visual mode also supported
  • Attachments such as user manual, maintenance certificates and computer peripheral device driver can be uploaded
Accurate Monitor of Item Status
  • Changes in asset information, write-off records, etc. can be updated instantly for users' access at any time
  • Past inventory records will be kept for clear reference, including date of last count and check, and status of items (good, damaged or under maintenance)
  • "Inventory Error" reminder of maintenance expiry date ensures items are covered by maintenance service
  • "Inventory Error" reminder will be sent automatically in case of discrepancies in the number of items, to help the administrator take immediate action
  • Photos can be attached as supplementary information for write-offs
Flexible Settings for Management Staff and User Rights
  • Items can be allocated to different management groups, such as computer equipment to the Information Technology Unit and furniture to the school office
  • Management duties can be assigned to different departmental staff, who can input data, view data and handle write-offs individually
Supports Single and Bulk Item Handling
  • Supports records of large number of items: bulk items at lower prices, such as student’s desks and chairs
  • Supports records of single items: small quantity items at higher prices, such as digital cameras and pianos
  • Supports records of large number of single items: large quantity items at higher prices, with individual characteristics, such as computers
  • Tracks changes in number of bulk items such as desks and chairs
Easy Report Production
  • Report-production function allows users to customize for production of various reports, such as inventory progress, write-offs, fixed assets register, status report and warranty expiry report
  • Funding source' item allows schools to retrieve relevant information to create reports in an easy way
  • Information can be exported as CSV format for other administrative purposes
Easy Barcode Printing
  • Automatically generated bar codes can contain asset information such as location and department-in-charge
  • System also supports bar code labels and scanners already in use at school with no additional settings needed