eClass Junior is a full-featured integrated platform specially designed for primary schools. It is divided function-wise into 5 parts -  "Campus Zone", "Learning Centre", "Classroom Area", "Teacher’s Room" and "Admin Centre", providing for schools a one-stop solution for online teaching, school administration and interactive communication. With the incorporation of various functions, value-added systems and services that are highly extensible, eClass Junior can no doubt satisfy the diversified needs and enhance the comprehensive development of schools.
Campus Zone
  • Campus Zone provides powerful interactive features that systematically handle school administrative work to truly implement e-administration. It also provides communication channels which effectively enhance the exchange of information on campus and, more importantly, nurture closer relationship between teachers and parents.
Learning Centre
  • Learning Centre offers a diverse and easy-to-manage school-based central resources bank, which allows teachers and students to easily obtain academic resources and common teaching information easily.
Classroom Area
  • Online classroom is an online interactive classroom unrestricted by time and space. It offers a wide range of practical teaching tools for teachers to meet their teaching needs. This does not only enrich classroom-teaching contents but also allows students to carry out self-learning outside the classroom. In this way, it helps to achieve extended learning and enhances the overall effectiveness of teaching.
Teacher’s Room
  • Teacher’s Room is the personal workstation built exclusively for teachers. It provides a one-stop management console for every single activity taking place in  the online classroom, from preparing teaching materials, designing online assignments, to correcting homework. With the support for resources sharing among teachers, the amount of time spent on lesson preparation is effectively reduced.
Admin Centre
  • Admin Centre provides a centralized management panel for all administrative systems to meet he requirements of primary schools, bringing in a highly flexible and more convenient school administration environment.