Time-saving Process, Effective System, Cloud Support

eAdmission is specially designed for kindergartens which often face admission challenges in distributing application forms, over-subscriptions and long queues, etc. The system is a one-stop service of managing online application, parent notification, interview arrangement and admission approval, with features such as excessive applicants measures and 'one registration per applicant'.

5 Steps of Online Admission
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    1. Schools Customize Admission Procedures:

    • Application Form
    • Application Instructions
    • Requirements for Supporting Documents
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    2. Parents Start Online Application

    • Preview Admission Process
    • Upload Documents
    • Settle Enrolment Fee
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    3. Schools Preview Application

    • Review Application List
    • Send Notification to Shortlisted Applicants
    • Notify Parents of Interviews
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    4. Schools Monitor Admission Progress

    • Diver applicants when over-subscribed
    • Follow up interview and approval progress
Parents Check Application Progress and Attend Interviews
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    5. Admission Completes

    • Notify Parents of Admission Results
    • Generate and Transfer Student Lists to eClass Intranet
Strengths of eAdmission

Customizable Admission Procedures

Schools can customize the application form, application instructions, and applicable grades according to schools’ needs. Requirements on supporting documents can also be decided by schools in order to suit different schools' admission arrangement

Professional Cloud Service Support

Schools can choose to use “eClass on the Cloud” to support the admission process, which can reduce schools’ burden on purchasing and maintaining servers and network.


One Registration Per Applicant

Birth Certificate number is required for admission registration so that each set of Birth Certificate number can only be used once.

Excessive Applicants Measures

When there are too many applicants, excessive applicants will be informed to access the system at a given time later, which can effectively prevent the system from being overloaded.

Effective Admission Follow-ups

Once admission is completed, the system can send out notification to related parents. Schools can also export the data of admitted students for mailing purpose. The enlisted students can also be imported into the intranet for class assignment.

Automatic Notification to Parents

System will automatically notify parents of latest admission progress and interview arrangement. Parents can check the latest progress online. Administration workload can be reduced.